Facebook Page and Website Notice

We wish to thank everyone for their support during the Covid Pandemic and hope that the general information we have been giving you about normal aches and pains, stresses and strains and common conditions has helped especially when viewing our Facebook Page and Website when you could not attend for “hands on” physiotherapy and advice. 

We know that our physiotherapy videos have been helpful, and that you have been delighted with the information included because you have told us so in your comments.  However, there some people who need individual assessment and treatment before embarking on any mobilising and exercise routine so please check with Bangor Physiotherapy, or your own Health Care Professional or GP beforehand.

If you fall into this group or just wish to find out more about your specific condition, please contact us then we can make sure physiotherapy and self-management of your condition is advisable and tell you how to progress and manage your problem as it recovers with our guidance and expertise.   

If we feel you need an individualised course of active and mobilising physiotherapy including a medical exercise programme, we are here for you in with an appointment or a virtual call with Bangor Physiotherapy.