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About our clinic

Patients attend our practice for the “real” Physiotherapy and the comfort of our first-class facilities which comprise 3000 square feet of treatment rooms, reception space, gymnasium, lift and disable access and toilet facilities. We have 5 full-time and 2 part time staff, support staff and students. Patients are met with a respectful, knowledgeable and sympathetic ear and we believe firmly in treating the whole person and prioritise differential diagnosis. We have an immediate MRI referral scheme to check things out when necessary. Our mission is to cheerfully move mountains to sooth symptoms and plan realistic recovery.

Jenny Archer
MA(QUB) MCSP DSA – Physiotherapist

Jenny is the Consultant Physiotherapist in Bangor Physiotherapy Practice. Her specialism is neuro/musculo/skeletal physiotherapy and she is a Chartered Society of Physiotherapy recognised medico/legal expert physiotherapist. She qualified in 1967 and worked in the NHS before developing the independent physiotherapy practice. Qualifying as the Best Clinical Physiotherapist in her year she was awarded the Distinguished Service Award in 2012 and awarded an MA from Queens University Belfast in 2016 having researched Primary “Stroke” Prevention. She has worked as Physiotherapist for Ulster and Irish Rugby and many other elite sports people, utilising the “hands on” approach to treatment which she has developed as part of the “real” physiotherapy routine available in the practice. Jenny does clinical work in the practice and has developed medico/legal expertise as a natural extension of her scope of physiotherapy practice. Her many patients have become friends who contact her when pain and mobility problems effect quality and enjoyment of life.

Susan Curran
BSc MSc MCSP – Physiotherapist

Susan is Jenny’s daughter and a Senior Physiotherapist in Bangor Physiotherapy Practice. Her specialism is musculo/skeletal and sports medicine, and she has expert experience of neuro/musculo/skeletal conditions such as Fibromyalgia. Susan holds a first-class BSc honours degree in physiotherapy and a BSc (QUB) honours degree in Psychology. She takes an interest in the psychology of pain and has an MSc in the psychology of Sports Injuries which is most helpful in clinical practice as so many problems have both psychological and physical components as their root cause, and this is the physiotherapy skill sought by many local sports people especially rugby players. Susan has a knowledge of understanding pain and has published research papers on Fibromyalgia. Susan’s patients appreciate the deep knowledge she has developed in this field, her brilliant “hands on” skills and the help she readily offers when other benefits, including medico/legal reporting are required. She is a Qualified APPI Pilates Instructor.

Alice Pringle
BSc MSc MCSP MCOT – Physiotherapist

Alice is Jenny’s younger daughter and a Senior Physiotherapist in Bangor Physiotherapy Practice. Alice is both an Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist with a BSc in OT and an MSc in Physiotherapy. She has a keen interest in the bio/psycho/social aspects of musculo/skeletal conditions and injuries. Her many patients value her knowledge of differential diagnosis, intuitive “hands on” treatment and daily self-management advice routines. Alice worked in Musgrave Park Hospital and specialises in the recovery of full function and return to occupation, sport and normal activities of daily living following injury along with a rehabilitative programme tailored to suit individual need. She is a Qualified APPI Pilates Instructor.

★ Susan and Alice are keen Occupational Health Physiotherapists and are as such are directors of their own subsidiary company Bangor Physiofix Ergonomics bangorphysiofix@gmail.com designed to carry out Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessments in the work place. This is a rapidly expanding aspect of practice life and a fine extension of clinical practice. The sisters are helping to take physiotherapy into the workplace and keep industry and commerce moving with good sound ergonomic knowledge and advice. Individual patients and companies compliment them on their extensive knowledge of both treating and avoiding injury.

David Reaney
BSc MCSP – Physiotherapist

David is a Senior Physiotherapist in Bangor Physiotherapy Practice and is an experienced practitioner having worked in the Ulster Hospital and then joining Bangor Physiotherapy Practice 14 years ago. He is a specialist in Rehabilitative Exercise Medicine, and his patients enjoy his “hands on” skills coupled with the advised exercise programmes he prescribes. His skills in the gym are much appreciated by numerous patients who start off their rehabilitation programme in pain and end up with freedom of movement with his guidance and expertise in how to build up muscle tone and correct a walking pattern or return to lifestyle or match fitness as soon as possible. David worked as lead physiotherapist for several years at Instonians and Bangor Rugby Football Club. His skills are well appreciated by patients young and old.

Victoria Scott
BSc MSc MCSP – Physiotherapist

Tori is Jenny’s niece and she has a BSc in biomedical science and an MSc in physiotherapy. She undertakes the domiciliary physiotherapy home visit physiotherapy service which is very beneficial for house bound patients. Tori has an interest in sports injuries, especially golfing injuries as she is married to golf professional Stephen and she assists in coaching tours for young players and treating injuries they sustain in their enjoyment of the game. Tori is an experienced physiotherapist and very popular with the “hands on” treatment she provides for her extensive list of patients in the practice and in the home. She is a Qualified APPI Pilates Instructor.

We manage your visits to Bangor Physiotherapy by making you as comfortable as possible as we make your appointments and advise about paperwork and protocols.  

Paul Archer
MSc Practice Director

Paul is Jenny’s husband and the Practice Director in charge of practice governance. He is past Chair of the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service and presently Chair of the Audit and Risk Assessment Committee of the NI Commissioner for Children and Young people and of the Fitness to Practice Committees of NI Social Care Council. He is a Trustee of of St John Ambulance (NI), and a lay member of the statutory committee of the Pharmaceutical Society of NI.

Eileen Crawford

Eileen has been a Physiotherapy Associate and Practice Manager for over 30 years. Patients are glad to have her help in arranging appointments and for the cheerful way she remembers and greets every patient. Many patients express their gratitude for the willing helps she gives.

Amanda Rainey
Physiotherapy Associate and Office Administrative Manager

Amanda is a Physiotherapy Associate in charge of office administration, helping to keep the practice running smoothly and assisting patients with appointments and arranging all the necessary treatment. She looks after practice polices including Data Protection and Health and Safety Policies. If you wish to look at our privacy policy she will be pleased to show it to you and help in any other way.

Sheila Nelson
Physiotherapy Accounts Manager

Sheila is in charge of our Practice Accounts and can assist patients with making a claim for treatment costs through corporate contracts and from Medical Insurers including BUPA, H3, AXA PPP, Aviva, Beneden, Cigna, Health-on-line, Simply Health, Sports Surgery Clinic, Vitality, Westfield, WPA, 3D Rehab, and many others. Sheila will assist your claim for treatment and make sure you have all the treatment you require on the road to recovery.

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