We are open

Bangor physio is now open for face to face physiotherapy treatments.  We are following government guidelines and implementing all the safety measures to keep our patients safe.  This is an on-going and ever-changing process which we are up-dating daily.  We are following the strict public health authority and CSP guidelines. 

  • Staff will wear PPE in accordance to the PHE guidelines.  Patients will be asked to wear a face covering if required.  Face masks will be provided if requested.
  • Strict cleaning protocols will be adhered to before and after each treatment of all surfaces used by patients and therapists, and regular cleaning of communal areas. 
  • The toilet will be available to use and cleaned thoroughly after each use.
  • All soft furnishings have been removed at this time
  • On-line booking not available at this time as we need to speak to patients on the phone at time of booking to see if physiotherapy treatment is appropriate.  Please phone 02891270932 and ask to have a chat with a physio if you have any concerns about coming for treatment. 
  • There is additional consent and screening questionnaires to be filled in upon arrival.  If any areas of concern are highlighted and face to face treatment is not appropriate, then an online consultation can be carried out.
  • The waiting room is available however you are able to wait in your car and we will call you in if you require, there are floor marking to assist in reception. 
  • All doors in communal areas will remain open to enable good ventilation. 
  • There are hand sanitisers for patients and visitor’s use placed on arrival and in all communal areas and outside each treatment room and there are hand washing facilities in each treatment room and toilet area. 

These measures are necessary to reduce the risk of virus transmission during face to face treatments to allow close contact with patients.  See video

Covid-19 Advice

We are all wondering just what to do next to avoid Coronavirus, or at least to limit the symptoms, should we be unfortunate to contact the little deadly bugs lurking around us at present.   

You may have stocked up on toilet rolls, sliced pan, pasta and paracetamol to feed the family and treat minor coughs and sneezes. However most importantly, how do you prevent your lungs reacting to a foreign Coronavirus body?  For some people, the respiratory system may struggle to cope, especially if compromised by other conditions such as asthma, or COPD.  However, there is help available by natural means. 

Physiotherapists would recommend a good dose of fresh air and oxygen assisting good lung action and keep the vital oxygen working in order to ensure good health. 

Here is some simple respiratory advice from Bangor Physiotherapy Practice: 

  1. Do not slouch, because if you do, the lungs do not have room to expand. Always, stand and sit straight and give them a chance to work properly.  Shoulders back, chest out tummy in and breathe deeply right down to the bottom of the ribcage.  Good posture allows for total ventilation of the two lung balloons and encourages adequate respiration. 
  2. Exhale, hold for 3 seconds and sigh.  Get rid of stale air in the lower lungs in which bugs fester and allow natural lung recoil to allow better inhalation, lung passages to relax and the lungs to remain elastic and not tightened up. 
  3. Breathe using your diaphragm and not your shoulders this allows good clean fresh air to circulate throughout.  Check out videos below for some good tips on breathing!
  4. Relax, don’t be tense because the lungs need to work in a cycle of active breathing so breathe in as you walk along the road and breathe out, counting your steps as you go.   Breathe in for two steps and breathe out for three steps and as you enjoy the fresh outside air. 
  5. Make sure you use the allotted exercise per day and go out into the garden and breathe in the fresh spring air into your lower lobes or walk along the beach briskly with a spring to your step. This will look after your physical and mental health, both are vitally important!

We have started to run online Pilates classes using ZOOM. If you are interested in staying active whilst being on lock down – these are the classes for you! 

Classes are on Wednesday or Fridays from 10am to 11am, every week. 

Contact us on for more information!